Buyer and Seller of Industrial Surplus

Industrial First Liquidations specialize in asset recovery. If you have unused material, excess inventory, or equipment that is no longer needed. Call us. We will buy it from you. One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure. It’s something that we practice everyday.

Through our wide network of customers and clients, we will be able to resale the item(s). Sell us your unwanted surplus material today, and turn it into to revenue or cash. We are looking to BUY SURPLUS INVENTORY and will make the best offer on it. We are specifically looking for Motors, Wire, Valves, CNC machinery, Turbine Parts especially Overstock, leftover, un-used equipment and access inventory.

If you have surplus inventory, valves, electric cable and wire, electric motors, switchgear, breakers then Email us with your inventory /assets /product portfolio and we will contact you with an offer. Our requirement is simple: Send in your query along with pictures and we will get in touch with you.

The bigger, larger the material – the better. If you have reusable or scrap, steel, valves, oil, transformers, generators, electrical, switches in large amounts and are looking for a great, credible buyer – The management of Industrial First Liquidations will be glad to schedule an appointment with you.

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