Control Valves


  • Fisher
  • Valtek
  • Masoneilan

Relief Valves


  • Consolidated
  • Farris
  • Crosby
  • Anderson Greenwood

All ANSI Valves


  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Checks
  • Any Brand

Pipeline Valves


  • General
  • Twin Seal
  • Orbit
  • WKM
  • Nordstrum
  • Daniel M & J
  • Grove
  • TK
  • Demco
  • Cooper Cameron

Forged Steel Valves


  • Rockwell Edwards
  • Vogt
  • Smith
  • Bonney
  • Velan

Quarter Turn Valves


  • Ball
  • Plug
  • Butterfly
  • Any Brand



  • Bettis
  • Limitorque
  • EIM

Strainers & Steam Traps


  • Armstrong
  • Mueller
  • Sarco
  • Hayward
  • Yarway

Surplus Valves

Not only can excess equipment that’s taking up precious storage space in your warehouse or manufacturing facility be a nuisance, it can also take a bite out of your bottom line by creating additional inventory carrying costs. Industrial First Liquidations can resolve your dilemma by purchasing your unwanted industrial equipment, such as surplus valves. Industrial First Liquidations has been helping business of all sizes get rid of their surplus or excess while putting some extra cash in their pockets in the process.

We Buy all Types of Surplus Valves

Industrial First Liquidations buys all types of surplus valves from variety of industrial applications, from control to pipeline valves, and forged steel to quarter turn valves. We buy valves produced by leading manufacturers like Rockwell Edwards, Twin Seal, Consolidated, and Fisher, to name just a few.

We Make the Process of Selling Surplus Valves a Breeze

Trying to sell your surplus valves on your own can be a time-consuming endeavor. And once your finally locate a buyer, there’s the issue of how to handle the pickup or delivery. Industrial First Liquidations makes the selling process a snap. We will pay you a fair price for your surplus valves, and we even handle the shipping arrangements. There’s no easier, not to mention more profitable, way to resolve your excess equipment inventory problems.

Industrial First Liquidations also Sells Surplus Valves

If you’re looking to purchase surplus valves or other industrial equipment, Industrial First Liquidations also offers a wide selection of these items for sale. Inventories can fluctuate, so please contact us to verify availability.

Contact Industrial First Liquidations Today

Don’t let excess inventory like surplus valves be a burden to your business any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how Industrial First Liquidations can convert your unwanted industrial equipment to cold, hard cash!